Reasons Why Dental Implant is the Best Solution for Replacement of Lost Teeth

There are tons of options to replace missing or broken teeth including the use of dental implants. It is gaining in popularity due to its many benefits for the patients. Dental implants are titanium roots or posts that are fixed on the gum line. The artificial tooth is fitted on top of it.

When the treatment is done by expert cosmetic dentists specializing in dental implants; the effects can be really amazing. You can find dental clinics in your area for the treatment by searching online. Use keywords such as dental implants McLean (requirement and your area) or something similar.

Here are the reasons that make dental implants the best solution for the replacement of lose teeth.

Natural Look

Dental implants look just like natural teeth. These are fixed well onto the gum line. So, the resulting structure is sturdy. The prosthetic tooth sits close to the gum line and nothing underneath is visible.

It is impossible for a layperson to differentiate between implants and natural teeth. The natural look of implants can boost people’s confidence as they won’t feel awkward in social settings due to unsteady prosthetics.  

Improved Chewing and Speech Capabilities

Dental implants also improve chewing abilities in a person. Other teeth replacement options are not as well-fitted as a prosthetic tooth with implants. So, the bite force is not as good when you opt for dentures or dental bridges. Dental implants are on the other hand extremely stable. So, the chewing ability is restored completely.

Dentures can get loose and even shake a bit when used for chewing. With dental implants, you will hardly have any restrictions as far as the food is concerned.

When dental implants are fitted, special attention is paid to the oral bone structure. If the existing jawbone is not strong or sufficient enough to support implants then your dentist will first recommend treatment for it rather than simply install them. Such cases are rare though. But the point is that the treatment for dental implants is very thorough. So, chewing and even speech are not impacted at all. Dentures, however, can sometimes impede a person’s speech.


Dental implants can last for life in most cases. If you take proper care of implants as per your dentist’s recommendations; you are likely to require repeat treatment for the same root. The care of dental implants is not anything different than what you do for your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing using the right products and techniques is sufficient to keep dental implants in good shape.

It is also very rare that a dental implant will become loose and require attention. Infection can set in the tooth cavity and this can happen on any of your teeth. But it is unlikely that you will need to replace the implant ever.

Good for Bone Structure

When it comes to fixing implants, your dentist won’t need to cut into the adjacent teeth in order to create space for the bridges. So, your existing tooth tissue is saved.

Implants replace the roots. So, these fixtures act like natural roots and preserve bones. When the jawbone’s height is reduced due to teeth loss or cutting of the tissues; the bone structure can deteriorate significantly. Such is not the case with dental implants.

Dental implants also don’t put extra pressure on the oral structure. For this reason, the oral structure is preserved well. The sunken cheeks are due to the loss of teeth and bone structure as well. By using dental implants, you can largely keep your facial structure intact.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Since you are unlikely to require replacing your implants ever, the treatment turns out to be quite cost-effective eventually. Such is not the case with dentures or bridges. Both these structures require replacement every few years depending on their condition. It is also easy to break dentures. They can slip out of the mouth and crack easily. There are no such issues with dental implants.

The one-time cost of dental implants can seem higher compared to dentures or bridges. But ultimately; treatment for dental implants turns out to be quite cost-effective in the long run.

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