When to Visit A Dental Clinic and When to Avoid

There are times you can’t avoid a visit to the dentist such as dental emergencies. But in some cases; you may be able to wait for a few days for your visit or to schedule a general appointment. Just ensure that you always see a qualified and licensed dentist in your area.

You can conduct a simple online search with your location and requirement in the query; such as Springfield dental clinic. Check the websites you find in the search results to choose a reputed dentist for you and your family.

When to Visit a Dental Clinic

Severe pain – If you experience any sort of pain in the oral cavity, it is best to schedule an appointment with your dentist without delay. Pain in teeth or gums can mean an infection. If left untreated, infections can become severe and you may even lose a tooth.

The treatments can range from a root canal procedure to a simple prescription of pain medicines. But the dentist will need to conduct a checkup to determine the course of action. Root canal procedure can require multiple sessions too. Once the infection is treated, the pain begins to reduce as well.

Injuries – Dental or oral injuries can range from mild to severe. If there is bleeding from the injury, call the dentist’s office and ask them about the next steps to take. In case a tooth is broken or chipped, schedule an appointment with the dentist immediately. Delay in treatment can mean the permanent loss of a tooth. Cuts on the lips or a broken jaw will also require immediate attention from your dentist.

Even if you only experience pain after the injury and not bleeding or anything else, it is still best to get it assessed by the dentist. The pain can indicate some sort of internal injury. Oftentimes; an X-ray can reveal the problem and it takes just a few minutes to do so. The dentist can then recommend the best course of treatment for you.

Cosmetic treatments – Cosmetic treatments may not always be an emergency. But timely visits can help you keep your teeth in good shape always. Schedule regular visits for teeth whitening treatments in case you consume coffee, tea, cola, and wine on a regular basis. In case you require teeth replacement or straightening treatments, choose a time when you are in perfect health; as in free of infections and fever. But if your dentures come lose or dental bridges move from their place; see your dentist promptly. Always choose a cosmetic dentist for all types of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Basic cleanups – Regular cleanups can delay future dental problems. Your dentist can spot cavities as they begin to form during such visits. Any buildup of plaque and tartar can also be removed before they harden and cause problems such as bad breath and infections. Your dentist can spot other problems too during these visits such as infections in the gums or dental pulp that may be just starting to form.

When to Avoid a Dental Clinic Visit

It is best to not avoid a dental clinic visit if you have any sort of discomfort or pain in your teeth or gums.

But if you have a fever or any other infection, call your dentist’s office first and let them know of your health situation. Follow the instructions your dentist or his or her office provides you.

In case you have a medical condition such as diabetes or cancer; inform your dentist about it at the time of scheduling your appointment. The same applies if you are pregnant.

Your dentist’s office will guide you about the next steps to take. In case of minor issues, your dentist may help you take some steps to relieve your pain without visiting the clinic (for instance, during times you have a fever or infection and can’t visit the clinic). Remedies such as taking pain-relieving pills or cold compresses on the teeth or the jawline may help until the time you can visit the dental clinic.

When in doubt about scheduling a visit, simply call a dental clinic and ask for the dentist’s recommendations.

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