When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Dental pain and injuries can occur at any time. Panic can set in if there is bleeding in the mouth or when you lose a tooth. So, it can be helpful to know what requires emergency care and what can wait till the dental clinic opens for business.

Here’s when to visit an emergency dentist.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is definitely an emergency. It can occur due to falls, accidents, or sports injuries. The resulting pain can be extremely severe. You may also have bleeding inside the mouth. It is important to see a dentist immediately in case of a broken tooth. Delay in treatment can result in permanent loss of tooth.

You can call an emergency dentist and let them know about the problem. If you do not have access to contact numbers of emergency dentists then a quick online search can help you find one. Simply search with an emergency dentist near me open now and you will find dental clinics that offer emergency services. Check their websites for their contact details and call them with your requirement.

The support staff at the clinic can also guide you about what to do until you can see the dentist. For instance, it is useful to keep the knocked-out tooth in a cup of milk to preserve it. A wet gauge on the affected tooth socket can also help to stop the bleeding.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Injuries and accidents can also lead to a cracked or chipped tooth. See the dentist urgently if you have bleeding or pain. But you can wait a while if the pain is not severe. But book an appointment for as soon as the clinic opens.

Dental Injuries

Accidents or sports injuries can also lead to cuts on the inside of the cheeks or lips. You may have a broken jaw too. Such types of injuries require immediate attention from a qualified dentist.

Bleeding and pain can make it difficult for you to eat or speak. The cuts can also lead to infections. A broken jaw can be extremely painful. So, it is best to see an emergency dentist if you have any of the above dental injuries.

Tooth Ache

Determine whether you need an emergency dental visit by the intensity of the pain. You should be able to wait for the clinic to open if the pain is mild. But ensure that you see a dentist later as pain indicates a problem in the dental cavity.

If the pain is severe, it can be due to dental abscess. It can cause extremely severe pain due to an infection in the dental roots. The infection itself can be due to gum disease, injuries, or untreated cavities. The pain from a dental abscess can be unbearable. So, see a dentist without delay.

You may even require a root canal procedure to alleviate the pain. Delays in the treatment of dental abscess can further aggravate the infection. If you have a fever and swollen glands along with severe toothache then book an appointment with an emergency dentist immediately.

Bleeding Gums

If you have bleeding gums accompanied by tooth pain then it can be due to infections. If the pain becomes unbearable or the bleeding is excessive then see an emergency dentist.

To avoid emergency problems due to bleeding gums, pay attention to the signs. If your gums frequently bleed then it can be a warning sign of an underlying problem such as gingivitis. Frequent swelling in the gums is also a sign of diseases or infections that can occur in the future. If you see your dentist in time to treat this problem, you can avoid emergency situations related to bleeding gums.

Numb Tooth

If a painful tooth suddenly becomes numb then it can indicate a severe infection. When the infection reaches dental roots, then a root canal may be your only treatment option.

If you experience this, contact the emergency dental clinic for further guidance. If they ask you to come to the clinic immediately then do so. If you are asked to wait for a few hours till the clinic opens at its normal business hours then perhaps you can wait for a bit.

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